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  • MsWeb.RO
    I can not access my site
    have some problems with hosts servers?
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    • MsWeb.RO
    • ketkew
  • MsWeb.RO
  • MsWeb.RO
    Whoever wants can download and install in a free and easy way! -Pac-Man -Tetris-Master Installation mode : 1. uploadthe games file into public_html 2. extracts the file 3....
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    • Mark
    • MsWeb.RO
  • MsWeb.RO
    my support period has expired!
    want activation for 30 days
    but honestly I do not know which package to fit!
    They have a lot of service to buy support
    I need support to fix 4 bugs
    thema boobuk grafica
    thema moobuk graphics profile
    And the product discount code does not apply
    When selecting the credit purchase package does not work, the redirect to paypal says no package was selected
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  • MsWeb.RO
    Auto Embed video and playbackplease implement this plugin in the next versionIt will help us a lotPlus, we will not have to load our hostingembled video forFacebook, vk, twitter movies online
    • Mark
    • MsWeb.RO
  • MsWeb.RO
    Take great care with the hostiso!
    Knowing that I have unlimited space, I uploaded a 908 MB movie
    Surprise !
    cpu full
    Ram full
    memory full
    I just uploaded a trivial movieafter I deleted that 908MB uploaded movie
    everything has returned to normal !!! ???? !!!...  more
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    • ketkew
    • Kraken
  • MsWeb.RO
    why does not the credit purchase method work?
    I want to use it as a credit moosocial acquisition method
    Mark Ryan Nguyen
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    • MsWeb.RO
    • Mark
  • MsWeb.RO

    Has anyone ever tried modifying video add-on via enabled link?
    Or if someone is able to modify the moosocial script!
    We will have more facilities through enbled video on our sites
    if anyone were interested in this subject, let's join us

    Or if we take the files from this site and integrate them with the moosocial

    Who are you interested in leaving a message
    Welcome to MsWeb.Info
    Social Store Chat video Forum Blog
    • Eric
    • MsWeb.RO
  • MsWeb.RO
    how to change the "Powered by" link?!
  • MsWeb.RO
    a question!
    how is it possible after each update to reset all the settings and change the data?
    after the update to 3.0.1
    Power by
    and the site only runs on https
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    • Irfan Korai
    • MsWeb.RO
  • MsWeb.RO
    I can not buy the plugin anymore because it does not take place in the menu !!!!
    and do not want to deactivate the puglin already purchased
    please find a solution and do the following:
    more to reopen in right or left not all down
    thank you