Last posted by Edward Stacey on 07/08/24 at 09:19
Hi,   It would be nice to be able to set events that happen say weekly or monthly on a regular basis, recurring.
Last posted by Mark Ransome on 06/17/24 at 04:30
Please provide your urls to expose your dating site to the community. :)
Last posted by Mark Ransome on 03/05/24 at 03:38
Hi,   After reporting what I thought was a bug which apparently it is not I am requesting this as a Feature Request. Even though I have selected "Enable Group Hashtag" and "Enable Event...
Last posted by Mark on 02/26/24 at 04:07
Can I suggest that Polls be integrated into Groups! Groups are a community within a community and Polls in groups can play an important role in groups e.g.,   Voting on who should be in...
Last posted by Mark Ransome on 02/20/24 at 13:28
How to create Google Developer key   1. Go to page 2. Click on "Select a project" button   3. Click on NEW PROJECT link to create new...
Last posted by Mark Ransome on 01/30/24 at 13:43
Hi,   When we enter tags, you cannot currently have multiple word tags eg:   Onion Soup David Bowie   This is because you include a space along with a comma as separators. It would be nice...
Last posted by Mark on 12/07/23 at 21:55
I notice on this site the emoticons don't seem to be working when you post in the feed?
Last posted by Flesh on 12/05/23 at 14:32
We are pleased to announce the release of mooSocial 3.1.7. The 3.1.7 version comes with improvements contributed by members of the moosocial community site and addresses a lot of found bugs from...
Last posted by Mark Ransome on 10/09/23 at 04:19
I'm surprised there is not an option in admin for "Custom Header Scripts" as most scripts I have used have this function/option!   It would really useful.   Kind regards,   Mark
Last posted by Mark Ransome on 10/04/23 at 06:52
Hi, Small bug I think. When I Upload a video, the Tags Tool Tip in the info box does not show, see screen shot below:  
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