• Download a copy of data plugin - gdpr compliance
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      This plugin allows members of your mooSocial site can download a copy of their data. It's one of the key feature that makes your site complies with GDPR What is GDPR? The General Data...
    • moo-Commerce solution (Beta testing)
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      moo-Commerce is the multivendor social commerce solution with impressive features that helps you to create and maintain online store inside your social media/network website. This solution...
    • Forums plugin (Beta testing)
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      Forums plugin for mooSocial is ready for testing at our demo url here Please sign up a new account to test and feedback. Thanks in advance.
    • Anti Adblock plugin
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      Anti Ad Block add-on allows you todetectusers with ad-blocking software enabled to restricts their access to your website until they disable ad blocking. Have ideas, suggestions, questions...
    • Who Near Me plugin
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      Who Near Me Plugin allows users tofind people that are near them if they use the plugin. The plugin requires users to enter their address first then the system will use this address to suggest...
    • Activity log plugin
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      Activity Log Plugin allows Users to monitor and track everything they’ve commented on, liked, uploaded, posted, ….on your social network site. They can filter activity log by actions...
    • GIF Comment plugin
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      Animated GIFs are a proven way to improve traffic, increase time on site, and promote sharing on social media platforms. Adding a GIF to feeds or gif comments with the plugin couldn’t be...
    • HTML user Group
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      This is place for members in this community to post/share html code snippets that can be used for mooSocial based site.ThanksVinnySfor suggestion.Demo Page...
    • Bookmark plugin
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      The bookmark plugin is designed for mooSocial users tosave bookmarks for feeds and items on the social network to view later. You can bookmark activities post at main feeds, group activities, blog...
    • Profile Completeness
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      With the profile completeness plugin, you can encourage or force users to complete their profiles. This is one of the best ways to ensure people engage on your site and ensures you do not have a...