• Profile Matchmaking plugin
      Public . 5 members
      Are you looking for something which makes it easy to identify the profiles on the social network which matches your profile? Are you looking to find like-minded people plugin to start a Dating...
    • Avatar plugin
      Public . 7 members
      If the profile picture field is not required at sign up form, most of the users on your website will not upload profile pic, which results that profile pics of many users across the site are the...
    • Inventory Manager for Store [Extension]
      Public . 3 members
      Inventorymanager is an extension for storeplugin.Inventory manager is an absolute must for every shop owners who want to manage stock for products and their variables. Have ideas,...
    • Sticky sidebar plugin
      Public . 7 members
      Plugin glues website’s sidebars, making it permanently visible while scrolling. Since sidebar is always visible it increases website’s usability, accessibility and therefore gets...
    • Login reminder plugin
      Public . 8 members
      Login reminder plugin provides a better email Notifications system for mooSocial site. It allows you to configure to send email notification if a user hasn’t logged-in to update a status,...
    • Popup plugin
      Public . 11 members
      The new Popups plugin can display multiple popups. It’s perfect solution to show important messages such as EU Cookie notice, increase your social followers, add call to actions, introduce...
    • Rest API plugin
      Public . 6 members
      Are you having a desire to extend your application, build a native apps for your mooSocial community…..?If so, our REST API plugin can assist you in doing that. It can also be used as...
    • Download a copy of data plugin - gdpr compliance
      Public . 9 members
      This plugin allows members of your mooSocial site can download a copy of their data. It's one of the key feature that makes your site complies with GDPR What is GDPR? The General Data...
    • moo-Commerce solution (Beta testing)
      Public . 10 members
      moo-Commerce is the multivendor social commerce solution with impressive features that helps you to create and maintain online store inside your social media/network website. This solution...
    • Forums plugin (Beta testing)
      Public . 12 members
      Forums plugin for mooSocial is ready for testing at our demo url here Please sign up a new account to test and feedback. Thanks in advance.