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i dont know if this has been asked but in messages is there a way to allow users to upload videos i see images but no videos
Mark    created a new topic
mooSocial mobile app 1.8 release
We proudly announce the release of mooApp version 1.8 with new features and improvements. Main updates in this version: Convert from React-JS to React-Native to make the app smoother and...
Mark    created a new topic
mooSocial 3.1.8 roadmap
The 3.1.8 will come with the new theme, improvements for events, group and address found bugs from previous versions. More details please read
Mark    answered Michael Arua's question: Access to Admin Panel Account
on 01/15/23 at 21:25 public
The shoutbox should definitely be included in the app. Very good opportunities for users to communicate with each other. Is there something in planning?
The Shoutbox Plugin should be App supported.

If there is no space - just create an extra tab Chat.
"The shoutbox should definitely be included in the app" Hum Why ? this plug in costs barely 10 dollars, it's more than affordable, isn't it ?
S   answered Michael Arua's question: Access to Admin Panel Account
on 01/12/23 at 13:26 public
Michael Arua   created a new question
Just purchased the moosocial, how can I access the admin panel account? the password credentials provided via email cannon work...
Mark how to remove "delete account" option from users profile?
we are in Aus so wasnt aware of the UK laws - we currently dont have any UK users, but might have to look at some of our custom work being changed slightly so if and when we get UK members we can be compliant
Combi-Businessfilter for Categorie and City
hello, I would be happy if you could use a category and a place as a filter at the same time.
If I understood correctly, normally with the next version we should be able to do this, let's cross our fingers

S   created a new feedback
GPDR Compatible Version of Moosocial for Europe
Would it be possible to release a GPDR version of Moosocial? So that quasi two versions of Moosocial exist- A "world" version with Google Fonts- A "Europe" version where Google Fonts are not used...
I think a solution like the wordpress plugin, using the simplicity (for dev) of google font, while respecting the GDPR wouldn't be bad .The solution seems to be open source
Your current version: 3.1.4. New version is available: 3.1.7
Can I upload version 3.7 and it will update me from 3.4?
Which platform are you on 2022-2023
Android - Google
2 votes
iOS - Apple
1 vote
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