How to use User Notes plugin

    1. How to Enable/ Disable User Notes plugin

      - Access Admin Dashboard --> Plugin Manager --> Usernotes

      - Check on Enable/ Disable radio button to enable/ disable plugin



     2. How to display User Notes plugin on Front-end

      - Go to Admin Dashboard --> Site Manger --> Theme Manager --> Layout Editor

      - Choose Profile page on List pages



      - Find "Note" on Available Blocks, then drag and drop the Note block to the selected position on Profile page as image below :



      - Click on Save Changes button.

      - Go to System Admin --> Admin Home --> Clear Global Caches.


    3. How to use note on front-ent

      - Go to the user profile page you want to take note. Click on Edit icon to write/ edit note.



      - Click on Save button to finish Note.


    4. Edit/ Delete the existed note

      - At user profile page:

        #1: Edit note

        #2: Delete note



      - At My Notes page

        #1: Click on Edit icon to edit/delete the existed note

        #2: Enter keyword to search User Notes

        #3: Click on Everyone tab to show all notes. Click on My Friends tab to show note for your friends



       - At Your profile page: the same action #1 at My Notes page


    Hope it helps.


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