I love this plugin, work very good :)
Just one suggestion:
Currently we can have a legal concern because the article is copied in full if the remote site allows it.
As a general rule it is tolerated to make excerpts of articles and not to copy them in full.
I do not know if this is possible but would be possible to define a length of words to take per stream?
If this is not possible I must consider asking for permissions to sites that diffuses the stream, in any case this plugin is very good :)

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Don't think it will be a problem if you leave the source intact. I believe there is no current setting to limit the number of words as of now. However, it is possible to customize the plugin to do so.
Ryan Nguyen Just for your information in France it is normally forbidden to reproduce an entire article even quoting the source, only an extract is allowed.
It does not matter at the moment, I would see the moment come if it causes problem.
At worst, as my sources are fixed, I would ask permission from the newspapers if I have the time
Thank you, Michel!
You must review this point, I knew what as say was going to happen... today we are there :/

Completely post the news of another site was already limited from a legal point of view, but hey it was tolerant on some sites.
Today to resume fully a news as it is done in this plug in has become illegal, at least in Europe.

It must be possible to cut the length of the article, it becomes urgent otherwise this plug in is no longer in order

Please give me your opinion on this point, thank's
Ok back to this ... now whe are in 2019 !
This plug in is now illegal in Europe because it break author law rule.
Exactly what I said 1 year and a half ago.
I strongly recommend to all Europeans to deactivate it, if your site is successful and that anyone notices that, the amount of the fine will make you cry for a long year and you'll never want to make sites

GeorgiosT I think especially of you, pay attention
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