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  • Enrico
    Thought I would show how I implemented the Store add-on in my community. Here is my online store that is integrated with PayPal, I also created an affiliation page with the embedded affiliation link so users stay on my site when ordering from an external site. Simple to do and it works.

  • Enrico
    Just sharing an integration I did with mooSocial. It's an interactive Symptoms Checker for site members. My site is at https://social.cancer.fitness and is designed for those dealing with cancer (patients, caregivers, care teams, friends and family). Just sharing to show the possibilities with mooSocial. Site membership and usage is FREE. My way of helping those dealing with cancer.
  • Enrico
    Thought I would share some of the marketing I put together for my Cancer.Fitness® Community which uses mooSocial and CometChat.

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    • Michel
    • Ryan Nguyen
  • Enrico
    Here is the mobile app marketing video I put together for the white label moosocial app for my https://social.cancer.fitness site.

    This is a short overview of the Cancer.Fitness® Community Mobile App. You can get this app and our Messenger app in both the Apple and Google Play stores.
  • Enrico
    Is there a way for a Site Administrator to pin a post to the top of the What's New Feed? Would also be nice to be able to feature certain groups so that they always show first. Are either of these possible?
    • Holly
    • Enrico
  • Mark
    Version 1.4 is release. Some found bugs are fixed and new changes are added:

    1. Fix send email to friend not working on some browsers.
    2. Allow site admin enable or disable payment types.
    3. Don't force upload 800px x 800px image when adding photos for product.
    4. Allow site admin delete product in admincp.

    Please download at https://moosocial.com/ — with tuan hoang and Enrico
    mooSocial - PHP Social Network Script
    mooSocial script has all the features for a successful community e.g. blog, ... mooSocial is the best php social network software to create an...
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    • Mark
    • Enrico
  • Enrico
    Can there be an integration with a URL shortening service like Bit.ly when posting long URLs. Just a thought. Even a truncation of the displayed URL, like twitter does would work if the integration is too difficult.