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Document plugin for mooSocial allows members of your social network website to easily share various types of documents with each other. It supports most document types such as .docx, .pptx, .xls, .txt, .pdf, etc... Members can chose to download or view shared document directly on your social network via Google Docs Viewer service without the need for additional plugin or software. It supports mooSocial's responsive web layout and will work well on many different screen types such as desktop, laptop, tablets and smartphones.

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Document Plugin
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Nhân Nguyễn   created a new topic
Document Plugin Version 1.8 is released
Compatibility: mooSocial 3.1.8   Change log: + Compatible with mooSocial 3.1.8+ Compatible with mooApp 1.8.2  + Fixed: layout issues Please download the new version...
Is it possible to attach an image while creating a document,
in a similar way it is done while creating a blog?
Yes but have to modify the plugin a bit, please submit a custom development request if you need an estimation.

Is there a way to make the document an attachment to the post?

Or make it that Users can only download it by clicking it, No Preview necessary..
so, if someone creates a document inside document plugin -> it will auto a feed. Other members can click on link on feed to download document?
Document Plugin
Purchase link: Demo: Language Packs:...
Document Plugin Version 1.7 is release.
Document Plugin Version 1.7 is release. Change log: + Compatible with 3.1.5+ Compatible with MooApp 1.5+ Fixed some layout bugs   Please download a new version...
how can i edit this plugin i am interested in adding and format .bsp
cs source map . .. .
Tung Vu   
You can go to file "app\Plugin\Document\View\Helper\DocumentHelper.php"

Find "public $support_extention = array('txt','doc','docx','xls','xlsx','ppt','pptx','pdf','ai','psd'" and add more format
Document Plugin
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Document Plugin Version 1.61 is release.
Document Plugin Version 1.61 is release. Change log: + Fixed: Security issue - can add data for any users when edit item+ Fixed: XSS issue   Please go...
Hello group!
Is it only me and my members that in order to visualize the document I Have to refresh my document page?
And ... A lot of users don't understand that they can download docs... is it possible to put an Evident Download icon?

I have to make a negative remark on something that does not seem pretty at all

All thumbnails look deformed

Is not it possible to correct this?
please submit ticket, we will check and help you improve this.
Document Plugin
Purchase link: Demo: Language Packs:...
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