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    mooChat is a Live Chat solution for mooSocial. Live chat capability is undoubtedly a necessary component of any social network. It allows members to converse and exchange contents in real-time. To include a Live Chat system to your social network provides an added convenience for members of your site to build strong and deepens their relationships.

    mooChat is built using Node.js and ReactJS which provide excellent performance and minimal resources consumption compare to the old technology AJAX chat products.

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    1. One-on-one chat
    2. Group chat
    3. Chat status setting: Online, Offline
    4. Send picture
    5. Send file
    6. Supports Smileys Emojis
    7. Chat history (See Full Conversation action)
    8. ...

    1.Chat Server URL
    2. Enable / Disable chat
    3. Users Roles setting
    + Can chat
    + Can send picture
    + Can send file
    + Can use emotion
    + Can chat group
    4. Block settings
    5. Enable / Disable chat sound
    6. Chat monitor
    7. Report as spam or Abuse
    8. Chat log


Recent Activities

  • Duy Duy (mooTechnicalTeam)
    If you use Cloudflare for scale , we suggest that you need to chose another port for mooChat instead of port 3000 . For more information , you can check their document...
    • Brent Lucas
    • Brent Lucas
  • Radoi Daniel
    I do not advise this moo chat application to anyone
    Moo does not guarantee the operation of this component and after many attempts made by it they fail to make it work.
    Nor do they have the courage to say that they fail!
    date deficiency find excuses ssh, ssl. Nodejs, msql, etc
    and we gave it ssh access, all I had to configure myself ssh and nodejs.
    this component is very difficult and requires many functions

    and the moo support team finds all kinds of apologies not to give the...  more
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    • Radoi Daniel
    • News Bug
  • Mike Reynolds
    Thanks mooTeam and Duy Duy (mooTechnicalTeam) for getting all the chat problems fixed on my site. My site is really fast now, and complaints from members have stopped. My site is running and functioning better than it ever has before across all devices and platforms. Thanks for your persistence and not giving up.
  • Mike Reynolds
    I just noticed that if you have photo theater mode enabled, you cannot type anything in chat when viewing a photo in photo theater mode. Close the photo viewer and you can chat.
  • News Bug
    Ran into a problem... Chat shows in Chrome but not in Firefox... Any ideas?
  • Kevin Roth
    I'm wondering is someone can help me. I recently had to do an emergency migration to a new server, and now I cannot get mooChat working. So far support has not been helpful.

    Info about the server: CentOS 7.3, running Apache 2.4 and PHP 5.6. I am still on mooSocial 2.5.1 and mooChat 1.2.

    I have the node chat server running. When I visit the site, the chat box is displayed, but when I click on someone's name to message them, nothing happens. In my console, I get hundreds of error messages....  more
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    • Mark
    • Kevin Roth
  • News Bug
    Is there a way to change the height of the Who's online box? I'd like to have it 100% bottom to top of the screen...
  • News Bug
    My biggest problem is the same one we've had with chat from day one... It jumps up and down when the other person is typing and it's driving everyone nutz! LOL

    Duy Duy (mooTechnicalTeam), anyone in support, is there a way to stop it from doing that? I don't want to have to buy another chat to have chat, but I'm being pressured from others, especially my 80yo mother! LOL
  • Mike Reynolds
    ***sigh*** what a nightmare.
  • Mike Reynolds
    So I just had mooChat installed. My site shows 48 members online right now, but my chat bar shows only 1. Why is that?
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    • Mark
    • Mike Reynolds