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    mooChat is a Live Chat solution for mooSocial. Live chat capability is undoubtedly a necessary component of any social network. It allows members to converse and exchange contents in real-time. To include a Live Chat system to your social network provides an added convenience for members of your site to build strong and deepens their relationships.

    mooChat is built using Node.js and ReactJS which provide excellent performance and minimal resources consumption compare to the old technology AJAX chat products.

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    1. One-on-one chat
    2. Group chat
    3. Chat status setting: Online, Offline
    4. Send picture
    5. Send file
    6. Supports Smileys Emojis
    7. Chat history (See Full Conversation action)
    8. ...

    1.Chat Server URL
    2. Enable / Disable chat
    3. Users Roles setting
    + Can chat
    + Can send picture
    + Can send file
    + Can use emotion
    + Can chat group
    4. Block settings
    5. Enable / Disable chat sound
    6. Chat monitor
    7. Report as spam or Abuse
    8. Chat log


Recent Activities

  • Joshua Read
    Tried using this software on hostiso. Contacted them as suggested to get help with errors. No help at all and say that port 3000 is already being used so moochat would need to use a different port. Not at all helpful.
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  • scotchgypsy
    Server is running, when I hit the URL in my browser, I see "Chat server is running"
    Plugin is enabled from Plugin Manager.

    When on the MooSocial site, no chat functionality shows up. I see no attempts in the browser's network traffic to communicate with the chat server.

    Any thoughts on troubleshooting this?
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  • Patrick Sánchez Beyrer
    Again Chat not working without any changes of server configuration!!!

    MooChat is not working on your site, your chat server URL might be incorrect or your chat server is down

    You can go to Settings to make sure that your chat server URL is correct or Error to see the cause of problem which makes your server down.

    what should i do
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    • Patrick Sánchez Beyrer
  • Mark
    Fixed bugs + Improvements, apply for both text + video chat   + If chat is installed, need to double click to open a menu in navigation bar issue is fixed.+ Fixed can't upload image issue to...
  • Patrick Sánchez Beyrer
    Who did install the chat by them self and can give me a manual how to do it?
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  • Kevin Roth
    Now that I have chat working with mooSocial 3.1.2, I can now see that smartphone emoji support is not working with it. I was able to fix smartphone emoji support in posts and replies by adding "encoding" => "utf8mb4" to app/Config/config.php. Is there a fix for chat?
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  • Kevin Roth
    Does anyone have chat working with mooSocial 3.1.2 yet? I set up a brand new instance and haven't been able to get it working yet. Chat server is running, list comes up, but cannot send any messages. Says server disconnected in the console.
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  • Cesar Zapata
    Hi everyone,
    Could someone help me with this problem? A few weeks ago I bought mooSocial 3.0.2 and mooChat 1.4, but now we are presenting a problem when trying to open a conversation.
    When we select a user in the chat to start a conversation, a "Server disconnect" message appears on the browser console.

    In the installation we followed all the steps found in the guide installing the dependencies and running the Mooserver server with pm2 in moosocial/lib/MooNodeJsServer.

    I´m running php 7.1....  more
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  • Matthew Shempert
    Hey. Need advice please.

    I installed Chat, and had to use the background option since np2 wouldn't install. It says there's errors. This is the error-log. Anyone else ever run across this and fix it?

    2017-02-15T02:00:40.794Z - info: Server listening at port 3000
    2017-02-15T04:43:44.897Z - info: Server listening at port 3000
    2017-02-16T09:54:43.491Z - info: Server listening at port 3000
    2017-02-17T02:03:58.855Z - info: Server listening at port 3000
    2017-02-20T00:49:05.029Z - info: Server l...  more
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