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    mooChat is a Live Chat solution for mooSocial. Live chat capability is undoubtedly a necessary component of any social network. It allows members to converse and exchange contents in real-time. To include a Live Chat system to your social network provides an added convenience for members of your site to build strong and deepens their relationships.

    mooChat is built using Node.js and ReactJS which provide excellent performance and minimal resources consumption compare to the old technology AJAX chat products.

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    1. One-on-one chat
    2. Group chat
    3. Chat status setting: Online, Offline
    4. Send picture
    5. Send file
    6. Supports Smileys Emojis
    7. Chat history (See Full Conversation action)
    8. ...

    1.Chat Server URL
    2. Enable / Disable chat
    3. Users Roles setting
    + Can chat
    + Can send picture
    + Can send file
    + Can use emotion
    + Can chat group
    4. Block settings
    5. Enable / Disable chat sound
    6. Chat monitor
    7. Report as spam or Abuse
    8. Chat log


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