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  • mark
    Anyone using the mobile apps? Right now I'm finding a couple of bugs on iPhone:

    1) the "swipe to go back" is unstable, most of the time it stops working

    2) the "swipe to go to profile is unstable it will freeze most of the time and you have to click on profile picture to unfreeze

    3) video posting crashes the app (assume as video loader isn't installed in this site)

    4) authentication is unstable sometimes I get the message that I need to login. Have to close the app and then relaunch to...  more
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    • mark
    • Rob Dehaven
  • News Bug
    Believe it or not, this site used to be faster than mine, but since I installed Engintron on my server and set it up, mine is faster than this one!
  • Alvina Prosser
  • O G Alvina Prosser
  • mark
    What's going on with video loader plugin - when is the 2.6.1 version going to be released?
  • Ramli Hussein
  • red dice
  • Stacy
    I created a test profile for a 7 day free trial. I got my notice in my email that the trial ended. I clicked on the link that directed me back to the website to upgrade my package. Only thing is, once there I wasn't allowed to do anything, I got this no permission page. I clicked on sign up, and when I did, It stated duplicate email when I try to create a new profile to upgrade. So basically, the page I'm being directed to is not an upgrade page and I can't upgrade because my email is already...  more
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    • Kent Lam (mooSupport)
    • Stacy
  • Ryan Nguyen
    This tutorial shows you how to change text phrases shown on the landing page of the Default theme. We will change the phrases highlighted in the red box to the phrased highlighted in the orange...
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    • Kent Lam (mooSupport)
    • mark
  • News Bug
    When you first login on the site, the who's online doesn't show, and some of the other builtin stuff for the home page as well. Also, the site has become extremely slower that it was with 2.6.0......
  • Michel
    Ok i have absolute no idea about dedicat serveur but i just find a flash sale here: https://www.kimsufi.com/fr/serveurs.xml?flash
    I want to ask you what you think about serveur specification for runing moosocial ?

    serveurs KS-2E
    Intel Atom™ N2800
    2c/4t @ 1.86 GHz+
    4Go DDR3 ECC
    2 To
    Kimsufi : le serveur dédié pas cher !
    Serveur dédié à partir de 8 € HT /mois. Processeur Intel - Bande passante 100 Mbps - disque dur 500 Go à 1 To - RAM de 2 à 16 Go
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    • Michel
    • News Bug
  • Nikhil Bhola