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  • Irfan Korai
    • Live News Plugin
      This is a discussion group for mooSocial's Live News plugin. Have ideas, suggestions, questions regarding Live News...
    • Document Plugin
      Purchase link: https://moosocial.com/addons/ Demo: http://addons.moosocial.com/documents Language Packs:...
    • Pet Lover Theme
      This is a discussion group for mooSocial's PetLover theme. Have ideas, suggestions, questions regarding PetLover theme?...
  • Craig
    There are many new requirements taking affect on the 25th with many new regulations and most of us will have to update our privacy policy. Most of us are data controllers and data processors. This will require user notification and legal consent to avoid legal action. Could the MooSocial team create a one time pop up box when a user logs in letting them know about the changes, a link to the updated privacy policy and a check box. The new regulations also state there must a record of when and how...  more
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    • Irfan Korai
    • ketkew
  • Irfan Korai
    Download All Activity log data + All other data in ZIP, 1. Users must be able to download all data or activity, 2. Also include the detailed activity like when user deleted something, it will...
  • GeorgiosT
    Dear Member!As you know from 25 May, the European General Privacy Statement (CDPR) enters into force. So if you want to receive messages and let you know about our news and offers, we need your...
    • GeorgiosT
    • GeorgiosT
  • Dusty Lor
    Is it possible to get double opt-in within automatic approvation when the user click on confirmation link? And otherwise the user should not be approved... By the way, I mean without manual approving.
  • Dusty Lor
    It could be better to choose as admin (perhaps even better during install procedure) if you want to have the possibility to be logged in as a normal user. I don't know which could be the best way...
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    • Tung Vu
    • Dusty Lor
  • Nickel
    How admin can disable "messaging" for all users??? — with Ryan Nguyen and Mark
    • Mark
  • Mark
    Install this patch to enable users to delete all the data relating their accounts by themselves to made your mooSocial based community to comply with European Union’s set of regulations...
  • Dimitri

    I have the Mootube theme and i see on the background a movie with buildings.
    Now i make self a movie with hobby pictures and put this on my youtube channel. Can i change the url into my own url that i can see my own movie on the background? Can anyone help me?


    • Long Tran
    • Dimitri
  • Jack Mack
    It would be great to integrateGoogle Places API for Android - this way an admin could have 3 options. 1. Admin allow to submit listings via plugin (like it currently is) 2. Admin toggle...