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  • skip
    He does not understand the Cyrillic alphabet "Tag Line"
    The first license all ok! a second license does not work.
  • Layla
    Any news/info about Business directory ?
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    • Layla
    • Mark
  • chimsi sumani
  • chimsi sumani
  • Jasmine jl
    help help help please..it seems like i have 1,000 questions for just one website haha...anyways i want to know what is the paypal appid how to get that? i got everything else from paypal but just the paypal appid that i couldnt get
  • phannguyen
  • phannguyen
  • Jordan
    Two factor authentication using something like Google Authenticator/Authy would be cool. I think it would make for a good paid plugin.
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  • Bernd Hansen
    My site is wave.nstravelapp.ca I want to: - change the Home menu link to point to the root domain, instead of mysite.com/home - change the phrase "Home Page" in the <title> section to...
  • 55FoxSupport
    It would be really helpful if we could get access to a read-onlyrepositories current/development so that we could detect any breaking changes sooner and automate our upgrade process?
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