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Moving moosocial to new server & new folder
I've been running moosocial for about a year but need to move it to another server.   Read the article located...
I tried several times back in October 2019 when this was originally written and again recently and it was just now that I was successfully able to transfer my running moosocial site to another service and here's what I think helped.

1) putting the system in development 2 before backing anything up
2) deleted the files in app/tmp/cache/persistent (but I'm not sure this was necessary)
3) copying the .htaccess file which wasn't copied by default

Moving the .htaccess file is what worked for...  more
Property Plug in - changing the texts
hello,    We purchased property plugin before and when trying to change "property.po", it does not reflect on the website. I cleared cache also. But any change For example, i made the below...
I think it's cache issue, already ask you site details to check thru ticket system.
on 03/22/23 at 12:30 public
mooStore - Social Commerce Solution
Are you looking for a solution to build Your Own Online shopping Community with mobile Apps that combines features...
mooStore - Social Commerce Solution
Are you looking for a solution to build Your Own Online shopping Community with mobile Apps that combines features...
Story Plugin
Stories Plugin is a visual storytelling format for the mooSocial website that is simple to build visual narratives using...
Andrew   created a new topic
Affiliate Marketing Plugin
You spent some time putting together the friends inviter plugin but you seemed to have missed the most OBVIOUS feature: a way to track how many applications an individual gets from their...
has this gone anywhere? i can see they can earn credits - but would be nice to have something which allows for cash reward if a user joins through an affiliate link and then purchases a subscription? eg: 5% each occurrence. with an option to set it up so that after X amount of $ earnt through the affiliate program it triggers us to pay them out
on 03/17/23 at 10:56 public
Andree Bui    answered Mikel Coreclark's question: Theme: MooMom
on 03/16/23 at 23:06 public
On my Theme on landing page, i have 3 round images.Question: How do i change the images ?I have looked in the sites Server and found the file locations for the images but i am not able to change...
Mark    created a new topic
mooSocial 3.1.8 roadmap
The 3.1.8 will come with the new theme, improvements for events, group and address found bugs from previous versions. More details please read
Hi All, the 3.1.8 is delayed and planed to release is change to end of this month. We get feedback from clients and are in-progress of adding more changes so that it's longer than the released plan. Many thanks for your waiting.
Check in plugin
Check-In plugin allows users to post statuses with check-in ability to specific locations. It will display a status with...
Feedlist plugin
This plugin has a feature for posting status updates called Lists. FeedLists appears to be a way for users to create a...
Stickers plugin
Do you also like to add other emoticons to let members in your site to express when they're hungry, bored, stressed and...
Mark how to remove "delete account" option from users profile?
Hello Antania.
Im mikel, I have a social network/media site in the uk.

Just a heads up on uk laws.
In the Uk laws are changing. either currently law and new laws yet to be set in place.
However at the moment, to operate in the UK your site/company must be registered with 2 uk government regulatory agencies.1: ofcom (office for communication) and 2: ICO ( information commissioners office) because you will need to collect member details and other information.

Also important to know ( but controv...  more
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