Is this a bug?

Tell me please, what is this displayed at the end of the link?

skip Basic on 03/07/17 at 13:47 in mooSocial features
4 Answer(s)
Проблема остается в других плагинахСОВЕРШЕННО-ПОТРЯСАЮЩИЙ-ТВОРОЖНЫЙ-КУЛ�


Решается эта проблема?

skip Basic on 03/30/17 at 05:14 Edited
Is there an answer to this question?
skip Basic on 03/22/17 at 18:06С-июня-из-Ялты-в-Сочи-запустят-скорост�
skip Basic on 03/09/17 at 10:25
Hi skip,
Thanks for your report, should you resend to me your URL, I need to your link to test.
Kent Lam (mooSupport) Basic on 03/09/17 at 02:29
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