iOS app with self-signed SSL certificates NSURLSession/NSURLConnection HTTP load failed (kCFStreamErrorDomainSSL, -9813)

I have attempted to point my iOS client to a self-signed host on our local network but I keep on getting SSL Error's
I have updated my Info.plist file as follows






And added serverTrustPolicies instance to the init of the MooManager which got me passed "https://" but it appears i'm still getting the error attached

open class AlamofireService : NSObject {
    var privateSession:MooManager?
    // Mark: init
    override init() {
        var defaultHeaders = SessionManager.defaultHTTPHeaders
        defaultHeaders["User-Agent"] = (defaultHeaders["User-Agent"]! as String) + " mooIOS/1.0"
        let configuration = URLSessionConfiguration.ephemeral
        configuration.httpAdditionalHeaders = defaultHeaders
        let serverTrustPolicies: [String: ServerTrustPolicy] = [
            "": .disableEvaluation
        //privateSession = MooManager(configuration: configuration )
        privateSession = MooManager(configuration: configuration, serverTrustPolicyManager: ServerTrustPolicyManager(policies: serverTrustPolicies) )
    // Mark: Singleton
    class var sharedInstance : AlamofireService {
        struct Singleton {
            static let instance = AlamofireService()
        // Return singleton instance
        return Singleton.instance

55FoxSupport Basic on 02/16/17 at 10:34 Edited in IOS app
2 Answer(s) is a placeholder it is being hosted within our corporate network
55FoxSupport Basic on 02/21/17 at 10:22 is not correct . Where is the hosting ? If it's in your pc , you can try IP address : ( for testing on iOS Simulator ) or your IP on LAN ( for testing on real device )
Duy Duy (mooTechnicalTeam) Basic on 02/20/17 at 23:08
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