I can not understand why Topics after Topics groups it must be the same
I want to abolish them Topics
but will also be removed from groups
I do not think that's right, it should be independent of one another
I want to forbid the members to create new Topics
and also has an impact on groups
GeorgiosT Bronze badges on 09/22/17 at 04:14 in mooSocial features
3 Answer(s)
if I abolish from
<a data-url="<?php echo $this->request->base?>/topics/profile_user_topic/<?php echo $user['User']['id']?>" rel="profile-content" href="#"><i class="material-icons">comment</i> <?php echo __('Topics')?>
<span class="badge_counter"><?php echo $user['User']['topic_count']?></span></a>
that too
<?php if (Configure::read('Topic.topic_enabled')): ?>
<li><a id="my-topics" data-url="<?php echo $this->request->base?>/topics/browse/home" rel="home-content" href="<?php echo $this->request->base?>/home/index/tab:my-topics"><i class="material-icons">chat</i> <?php echo __('My Topics')?> <span class="badge_counter"><?php echo $cuser['topic_count']?></span></a></li>
<?php endif; ?>
there will be a problem?

GeorgiosT Bronze badges on 10/25/17 at 09:54
If I tell you that I understand how this will be done, it will tell you lies
if I had more possibilities on the board, I could do that, but I do not

GeorgiosT Bronze badges on 09/23/17 at 13:09 Edited
You have to customize topics and groups module if you wanted they work like that.
Mark Gold badges on 09/23/17 at 04:21
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