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For some reason, my sites have changed since changing over to hostiso for hosting and they say the software part of support comes to mooSocial, so I'm asking if anyone knows why my comments only shows the last 2 comments instead of giving the opportunity to show all comments on a post??
In other words, it doesn't show "view all comments"...
It used to show right until I changed to them...
News Bug Basic on 09/25/17 at 06:50 Edited in mooSocial features
Send me your site's link for a quick check.
on 09/25/17 at 15:58
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Hey Ryan, I hadn't upgraded to 2.6.2, but when I did, it fixed it... All is well now... :)
News Bug Basic on 09/26/17 at 11:50
Thanks for letting me know that upgrading to 2.6.2 fixes this issue.
on 09/26/17 at 11:57
Ooops! No, now it won't post anything from YouTube... cry
News Bug Basic on 09/26/17 at 12:32 Edited
Hi Ryan,
In the questions page it said I didn't have enough points to comment, but my site is so you can check it... I'll put the info in chat for you...
News Bug Basic on 09/26/17 at 08:34 Edited
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