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I'm trying to make a second, same website to do some testing
I've done all the following, I got a message
Restore backup successfully
And yet, I see a white blank page, what can happen
+ Re-install the mooSocial core + All modules (include backup and restore module)
+ Upload the backup from your computer to backup folder on your server /home/myposts/public_html/moo_backup and hit "Rescan local folder for new backup sets" to load all backups in backup folder into backup list
+ In case your backups are saved at remote storage (via ftp/sftp), just simply hit "Rescan remote storage" to load all backups in remote storage into backup list
GeorgiosT Bronze badges on 01/22/18 at 00:21 in mooSocial features
2 Answer(s)
I had opened a ticket, corrected it with some changes, and it was ok
They had told me if I have the same problem
Please remove file app/Config/cache.php if exist
I have abolished it file app/Config/cache.php
Again I have the same problem, a white page
What the hell do I still have to do, for the site to work normally, I can not understand
Someone who can help exists

GeorgiosT Bronze badges on 04/15/18 at 02:27 Edited
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