Change symbols in color symbols

 Hello, is there anyone who can tell me how to change the symbols to color symsbols?

Dimitri Basic on 02/08/18 at 14:18 in mooSocial features
4 Answer(s)
Do know someone what this is?
If i want to add comment, i don't have points... see picture

Dimitri Basic on 02/16/18 at 05:04
That's what you want to do
GeorgiosT Bronze badges on 02/15/18 at 10:30
Dimitris what do you want to do this

GeorgiosT Bronze badges on 02/15/18 at 10:06
I think GeorgiosT can help, please contact him. He did the same for his site. He posted a tips also here in this community but I can't find
Mark Gold badges on 02/15/18 at 05:32
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