Change text on my homepage

Is there someone who knows how i change the text on my homepage?
Also i want to change the color of the red login button
I have the mootube theme.

Dimitri on 02/13/18 at 03:52 in mooSocial templates
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hi dimitri, open the file locate in app/plugin/landingmanager/view/elements/static/index.ctp
change the text which is green. Because the .po files does not change anything!!! Send me a Friend requiest if u want to know more because im working everyday with the landing page plugin

Isi Klieme on 05/15/18 at 08:43
Hi Long
Its not working.
I'm not a computer specialist :-)
Dimitri on 02/17/18 at 04:53
Please clear cache at backend home page to apply PO change .
Thanks .
Long Tran on 02/13/18 at 22:02
Hmmmm It don't work to change my text.

Dimitri on 02/13/18 at 04:20
Hi Long Tran
You are the best man ;-)
Dimitri on 02/13/18 at 04:08
Hi Dimitri , You can change text via po file locate in app\Locale\eng\LC_MESSAGES\mootube.po 
Long Tran on 02/13/18 at 04:06