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How can I provide a free lifetime membership to a favored member on my subscription site? I see nothing for this in the Admin Dashboard. He is now getting subscription expired and it wants him to renew his membership. How can I give him a FREE membership?
Anthony Chavarria Basic on 03/05/18 at 20:17 in mooSocial features
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 please follow the below steps:
1. Create a new package (lifetime and free) that you want to give to your members.
2. Ask him to login and go to subscription page to upgrade by himself. If you want to do for him, please continue to step 3
3. Go to users manager -> find the user you want to upgrade for him on be half. 
4. Click on "Login as" to login as the user
5. Go to subscription page and upgrade membership for him. 
Mark Gold badges on 03/06/18 at 03:05
This is what I found:
Mark this is the only option available. I am currently using 3.0
I followed your instructions. For some reason I'm unable to log into my admin if I'm not logged into my site at the same time so I had to
1. login as user,
2. click manage,
3. upgrade the member as instructed,
4. logged out of site,
5. logged back in as admin,
6. then login to admin panel as instructed
but I still don't see the option. 

Anthony Chavarria Basic on 03/05/18 at 23:16
Ok, I tried the search feature and came up nothing. I then started to go through each Questions page looking for something that might help me with the answer I needed and ran into someone with a similar question. I followed the advice and it was able to solve my issue. Thank you.
Anthony Chavarria Basic on 03/05/18 at 23:15
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