unique links

is there a way to make the links user friendly
for example events http://xxxxxx.com/events/view/15/al-bano-romina-power
would be better if it will be http://xxxxxx.de/events/al-bano-romina-power
genoa so at business
better would be https://xxxxxx.de/digital-photographer
the same for groups and so on
Eric Basic on 03/08/18 at 03:48 in mooSocial plugins
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Thank you Ketkew
Mark Gold badges on 03/11/18 at 04:07
Eric, that's not true, see attached.
It simply cannot be that case because a URL needs to be unique.
If you have 2 different event organizations which organize an event with the same name.. how should this be arranged in the URL?
Facebook does split this (also with groups):

ketkew Bronze badges on 03/09/18 at 04:42 Edited
this is bad
when I look at other social networks like Facebook
there is the url perfect solved


You have to think about that
Eric Basic on 03/08/18 at 23:37
I think what Eric means if it would be possible to change the URL behaviour without the current VIEW or ID.
This is possible but it should be coded (like WordPress it is possible to change different permalinks in the admin configuration).
But for big community websites it is necessary to split URL content otherwise duplicates occur.
So I would suggest include domain/section/posting, so
for events:
for business:
for events:
ketkew Bronze badges on 03/08/18 at 06:48 Edited
You can change wording in url but can't remove them, ex : you can change events -> eventsabc, or view -> viewabc...but can't remove them from url. Number in url like 12,33 is id of the item such as event id 12,...system needs it to redirect  to correct item details page. 
Mark Gold badges on 03/08/18 at 04:17
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