Email validation during registration

People can register with any email look alike address . For example someone is able to register with email . I know they will never get approve link but is there any way to tell them they have entered wrong email during registration.  
maristo marker Basic on 05/04/18 at 07:21 in mooSocial features
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I'm not sure but on another platform I've had, vbulletin it does not allow you to register if you do not write the correct one mail
GeorgiosT Bronze badges on 05/17/18 at 10:12

ketkew Bronze badges

As I said, it is possible but as highly customization. And you don't want to have it because it will stress your SMTP server in crowded networks. The most easy solution will be to let the user double fill the email address and check if both values are the same otherwise show error (same as password field).
on 05/17/18 at 10:20
And if, my friend ketkew you have to do with thousands of entries what you will do, you will contact everyone, it's not the right way
GeorgiosT Bronze badges on 05/17/18 at 10:03 Edited

ketkew Bronze badges

Facebook has billion users and doesn't check if email domains are available. Therefore the most registration forms ask you to DOUBLE enter the email address. Which moo should implement to reduce fault toleration.
on 05/17/18 at 10:11
Checking the correct mail format during registration is basic how it should be. Changing this into checking if an email domain is available is highly customization because a separate SMTP and DNS query should be implemented to check if a domain does have an email server available. Second, can be checked as described, but which has wrongly been entered as cannot be checked, simply because could be a valid address from another person.
What I do if a user filled in the wrong mailaddress: The administrator receives a bounce message from the mailserver because the address doesn't exists. I contact that person en tell them to change their mail.
ketkew Bronze badges on 05/17/18 at 09:54 Edited

See this is what I am talking about, he registered with the domain "".  
maristo marker Basic on 05/17/18 at 07:18
mooSocial only can check if member enter the email correct format or not. Example: abc@com is not correct format . Correct format should be name@domainname . If member enter correct format but fake mail, can't validate. 
Mark Gold badges on 05/07/18 at 04:42
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