How to acces into plugin installed folder?

Hi, everyone, as I don't find any relevant topic I ask my own question:
How do I acces into plugin installed folder?
I am trying to change language on the plugins, I followed every steps but I'm stuck here : 
  • Copy the “fra” folder into installed folder of ads plugin to install, path will be ….app\Plugin\Ads\Locale
Where am I suppose to find this folder? How to upload the folder in it?
ju guerin on 05/16/18 at 07:52 in mooSocial plugins
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Read it here too
GeorgiosT on 05/16/18 at 12:46
To gain access to the folder where θε Plugin are installed
You will need to have filezilla installed And you will go where he says

GeorgiosT on 05/16/18 at 12:40