Trouble to upload some pictures

Hi everyone,
There are some places where I can not upload picture : to create an ad and in the "Add Business" section and in the "Ads Plugin".
I've got the message that the picture size is wrong when I am sure it is perfect. You can see the pictures below.
How can I sort this out? Thanks in advance to your replies.

ju guerin Basic on 05/22/18 at 17:46 in mooSocial features
3 Answer(s)
Hi, no worries for the dimensions they have been checked manytime. An I am Good at Gimp and Inkscape. I'll have a look around the persissions for moosocial folders. Although I am not sure where to get the information.
Thank You
ju guerin Basic on 05/23/18 at 11:10
also check you have proper permissions for your moosocial folders
Irfan Korai Basic on 05/22/18 at 19:09
I think you should double check your image dimensions, if your file name is 930x200 may be the dimensions are some how change,
Irfan Korai Basic on 05/22/18 at 19:08
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