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For a few days I have some test user, One of them just asked me how he can delete these private messages and I admit that I do not know the answer ???
Mike Basic on 09/07/18 at 09:13 in mooSocial features
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Thank you Mark :) and as the next question from people will surely be "how can I erase a message?" because they made a mistake, if it is possible it would be necessary to add a small round  (<- dont know name lol ) like on the mookup... (I made mistake on the screen, if we erase the first message we erase conversation logically, in short it was just to show the spirit :) )
edit: can upload photo but can not put it in post :/ 
Mike Basic on 09/08/18 at 06:02 Edited
will add option that allow member to delete the conversion in next coming versions. Thanks for asking Mike. 
Mark Gold badges on 09/08/18 at 00:28
The subject with the messages is not at all, functional
GeorgiosT Bronze badges on 09/07/18 at 11:31
*) i can not comment to gergios here because i have not enoug point :/ 
Ok I always thought that leave this conversation is in corelation whit "Add People" in this conversation arf'

Moreover it's perfect as it is the behavior of the discussions with several users, the thing is that it lacks a function to erase messages or erase the conversation and frankly it's just not possible that it does not not implanted: /

Mike Basic on 09/07/18 at 11:12
Unfortunately, she can not only leave the conversation
GeorgiosT Bronze badges on 09/07/18 at 10:49
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