Not able to move past step 2 on install screen of version 3.0.2

I just moved all mooSocial install files to my server and chmod all required directories and even all their subdirectories to writable (777)
However when I go to my server to install, the process will not go past step 2.
When I clcik on the "Next" button at step 2 nothing happens at all (no action whatsoever fires on click of the Next link)
I also noticed (screenshot attached) that it looks like there is something wrong with access to some directory files
because the moosocial logo is missing and it looks like the CSS filepaths are broken on the install page - even the "next" button which
should look like a button square style is rather a link.

Smeen Basic on 11/24/18 at 14:49 Edited in Server - hosting

Flesh Basic

Select the php version PHP 5.6
MultiPHP Manager
System PHP Version PHP 5.6
on 11/26/18 at 08:29
1 Answer(s)
I submitted a support ticket and work was done with .htaccess by support to fix the issues. 
That's how I got this resolved.
Smeen Basic on 11/26/18 at 07:55
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