Mobile app connection with demo site

Does anyone know how to do it?
GeorgiosT Bronze badges on 02/02/19 at 12:22 in mooSocial features
Did you ever figure this out?

There are no instructions I can find to do this. Android studio says it doesn’t have valid code to read it so I’m LOST on what to do.

Part of the instructions says to use plugin mooapp, but mooapp isn’t in my admin dashboard plugin list.

I appreciate the hard work these men do. But would it kill them to create instructions on how to do anything without filling out a ticket that takes weeks to get done???
on 02/20/19 at 07:03
1 Answer(s)
Have to rebuild apps or create a new build for demo site but not published. 
Mark Gold badges on 02/02/19 at 20:32
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