private groups showing in public (newbie question)

Had a search around before posting.  (New user) Anyone who has created a private group has found that their posts are showing publicly on the main HOME feed.  I have tested using a different pc on a testuser account and i can see feeds from private groups. I know it will be something simple i am missing but any help would be appreciated. It's driving me nuts 
David Scott Basic on 02/23/19 at 14:31 in mooSocial features
This is getting silly. submitted a ticket and got told it was because I had installed an old version and i needed to upgrade to 3.1 I only downloaded 3.1.0 and only installed 3.1.0 That was despite me given support admin and unrestricted ftp access.
on 02/27/19 at 14:30
4 Answer(s)
1. did you really create a private group (or did you create a restricted group)?
2. you are sure the testuser account is not an admin or superadmin account?
ketkew Bronze badges on 02/25/19 at 03:31
morning I created the private count on a normal members account from a different pc and also got one of the other standard members to create a seperate private group.groups are private not restricted. testuser account is not an admin account and the member who created the private group for testing is a standard member. The member can also see all the posts from other private groups too.
on 02/25/19 at 03:50
Unfortunately this is the way, many users are leaving, I understand you
Because when a new user enters the website, there is not what makes him feel beautiful, but a disappointment, and finally leavefrown
GeorgiosT Bronze badges on 02/24/19 at 04:44
Thansk GeorgeousT  i have tried that already.   If i untick the box the new users cant see ANY posts at all as they dont have any friends yet so they just leave.  If i tick the box they can see every post including the ones on private groups.
David Scott Basic on 02/24/19 at 04:34
Check user role permissions

GeorgiosT Bronze badges on 02/24/19 at 02:21
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