crontab help please

I have created a crontab for my page
wget -qO- '' &&> /dev/null
every minute */1 * * * *
When the cronjob is executed, it displays errors
The task "wget -qO- '' &&> /dev/null" completed in 0 seconds, but errors occurred.
The task "wget -qO- '' & amp; & / dev / null" was completed in 1 second, but errors occurred

curl: (6) Could not resolve host: wget -qO- 'https
Unable to fetch URL: wget -qO- '' &&> / dev / null
Does somebody has any idea
or can help
Eric Basic on 03/09/19 at 00:09 in mooSocial features
1 Answer(s)
Should contact hosting, they will help. 
Mark Gold badges on 03/11/19 at 05:02

Eric Basic

I can not ask a hoster is own server
there is no hoster responsible
on 03/15/19 at 04:30
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