Sharing content via app

When on the mobile and you want to share a site , e.g., BBC news report, to the app, you choose "share" and you get Google, email, Facebook etc etc but the option to share to my own site, does not come up. 
Anyone have any idea how to resolve this?
This applies to both Android and iOS app.
Jamez Frondeskias Basic on 03/18/19 at 02:19 in Other
2 Answer(s)
It sounds like an "Add-On" your using. If so, you may need to troubleshoot the addon specifically. I don't see Share a website as an option on Moosocial website or Android App....
Matthew Shempert Basic on 03/18/19 at 13:01
Nope, not an add-on.
on 03/19/19 at 12:20
It will be available in 1.3 version. Please wait
Mark Gold badges on 03/18/19 at 21:34
Will that be available in my custom built site as well?
on 03/19/19 at 12:19
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