How To Clear CSS Cached On Amazon S3?

Title explains it... how do I clear cache when I make changes to my custom css file and it's pulling from the CSS from S3 and Amazon Cloudfront?
Is there a way to clear it so it is forced to re-upload the new custom css file and use it?
Thank you.
Gary and Rhonda Basic on 04/24/19 at 00:11 in mooSocial features
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That would be a nice future request as it is not possible at this moment. You need to re-upload the custom.css file manually at S3. (i'm uploading it on my server as well) OR synchronize the "theme" folder via the moo storage admin.
ketkew Bronze badges on 04/24/19 at 03:05 Edited
Wow. I thought this feature would be a part of mooSocial script already. If I check the box "Do not rewrite CSS/JS file paths" will that keep all CSS/JS files on our server and not transfer to S3?

And what about when I upgrade as I did to 3.1.1? I uploaded and replaced all files with FTP. Did those new files get transferred to the bucket? My site seems to be working good and it said it upgraded to 3.1.1 when I went to
on 04/24/19 at 08:12 Edited
Ketkew - I've replaced the custom css on Amazon S3 and after clearing my browser cache and reloading page it still shows the same. Should I check the box in setup that says "Do not rewrite CSS/JS file paths"? Would that make all this easier for now? Thanks!
on 04/24/19 at 09:43
I found by checking "Do not rewrite CSS/JS file paths" I can get the quick CSS to change. Not sure why it's not changing when I upload the file to the bucket at Amazon.
on 04/24/19 at 21:27
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