Groups Plugin - Who Can Upload Videos and Photos To Group?

Who has the ability to upload videos and photos to groups that they've joined? Is it only the group administrator who created the group? I hope so. This is what I need for our site. If anyone can upload videos or photos to a group they've joined this is a major problem and I will have to find a fast fix and how would that be done if it needs fixed for me? EDIT: I just discovered that anyone can add photos, videos to groups. Big problem. I need something like Facebook pages that only allows group administrators to upload photos, videos etc.,. but anyone who joins the group can still post comments and replies. I hope this can be done.
Gary and Rhonda Basic on 04/24/19 at 10:42 Edited in mooSocial plugins
2 Answer(s)
Thanks, will add this into next coming version.
Mark Gold badges on 05/05/19 at 07:04
Thanks Mark! You did a great job at helping us get the group setup options on our site. This will make a great feature for mooSocial for sure!
on 05/06/19 at 22:43
I agree, users  roles autorisation need to be updates with more control , and not just in group plugin 
Mike Basic on 05/02/19 at 22:56
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