Video uploader - How to correct?

Video uploader plugin worked when it was installed on last march.
But, not working now.
Please guide how to correct.
1.Video upload at What's new


2. After above step done, below message was shown


3. At admin panel, Vdeo manager


4. When "Gastritis" was clicked, there was below screen 


5. "Save Video" was clicked, then,


6.But, At Video tab, It was impossible to see above video. (as below)


How can I fix these problems?
Kim Basic on 08/18/19 at 22:02 in mooSocial plugins
1 Answer(s)
Hi Kim,
Make sure you setup cron job in your server. The video upload needs cron job to process the uploaded video.
Mark Gold badges on 08/19/19 at 23:02
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