No activity wall on events

When I create an event, there is no activity feed, instead I see the message "There are no new feeds at this time"
Am I missing something? Permissions? Settings somewhere?
I'd be grateful for any help
BrianD Basic on 08/27/19 at 11:07 in mooSocial features
2 Answer(s)
I tested at our demo site and saw the message " "There are no new feeds at this time". Please see attached screenshot

Mark Gold badges on 08/30/19 at 04:51
Thanks for your question. But please tell me know detail you got issue from your site? or from my demo site?
If on your site only, please create a ticket we will help you to check it.
Kent Lam (mooSupport) Basic on 08/28/19 at 00:51

BrianD Basic

Hi Kent, thanks - I am having this issue on my own site, but I have noticed a similar issue on the demo site - but not on all event pages , which is why I was wondering if there was a setting I've missed somewhere......
I will try to solve, if not, I'll create a ticket....
on 08/28/19 at 08:22
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