How to set default language for Visitor who happen to visit my Moosicial site, first time?

My moosocial site is using two languages. (English, Korean)
From time to time, there are Visitors who visited my website as first time.
I hope to set default language as Korean for visitors who visited my website via Korean IP,
and, English for Visitors who visited my website from outside of Korea.
How can this be done?
Kim Basic on 09/04/19 at 22:08 in mooSocial features
2 Answer(s)
That is not the solution @mark.
In the admin you can set the default language to whatever language, but what Kim meant is that based on IP the language needs to be selected.
So visitors from Korea, should get the Korean language based on ip.
All other visitors should get the English language.
This is not a standard solution, so currently it is not possible.
ketkew Bronze badges on 09/09/19 at 05:08 Edited

GeorgiosT Bronze badges

Very correct observation, we are far behind on many things
on 09/09/19 at 10:12
Check attached screenshot to know how to do that

Mark Gold badges on 09/06/19 at 23:30
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