Login problems

Hi, does anyone know how to resolve issues with login into my moosocial site.
I can't login as an administor or as a user
I keep getting internal server error and my service providers can't help either?
Do I need to restart my moosocial script?
Help please
my php version is 7.3
Nikita Erukunuakpor Basic on 02/04/20 at 12:04 Edited in Other

Flesh Basic

set php version 5.6
on 02/04/20 at 12:44
1 Answer(s)
It's issue of the web site or mobile app?
Which mooSocial version are you using? 
What is your current php version? 
Mark Gold badges on 02/04/20 at 20:55
My php version is 7.3

I'm using moosocial 3.01 i believe

the iuuse is both the website and the andriod app
on 02/10/20 at 09:56
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