Email function does not work on my website

Hi all,
I just recently re-setup my mooSocial website, however neither my built-in mail() function or SMTP works for email verification. For some reason, the email in SMTP will only send to local email (if the email I setup for SMTP is, then it only sends to emails that end in
Anyone know how I can fix this? I am on mooSocial v 2.31 (My license has ended)
Jay Kras Basic on 09/22/16 at 00:58 Edited in mooSocial features
3 Answer(s)
I have a similar problem. The test mail function in bulk mail works
Welcome confirm and bulk not.
Have you dealt with it?
Best regards,
Paweł Kotowski Basic on 03/26/18 at 11:45
Hi Mark,
So here is the weird part, the email sends when I request for an invite, but not for email verification. 
Jay Kras Basic on 09/22/16 at 03:44
I don't think it's mooSocial related issue. It's problem of mail server/mail configuration.  You should try to setup email using email client softwares such as outlook or thunderbid to see if it can send email to other email domain or not. 
Mark Gold badges on 09/22/16 at 02:56
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