build ios app

cannot build ios app because of swift compiler errors, any idea?


Bonuskg Basic on 02/29/20 at 14:23 in IOS app
2 Answer(s)

some of them solved bu still can not build



Bonuskg Basic on 03/03/20 at 08:37
Try replacing your pod folder , podfile, podfile.lock by using . It’s a temporary fix for that problem because the API of the latest third party libraries has changed . By the way , we are working to migrate our iOS source code to use the final version of the support library .
on 03/04/20 at 20:45
Try using :  alamofire 4.7.0 , alamofireimage 3.3.0 . 
Duy Duy (mooTechnicalTeam) Basic on 03/03/20 at 02:00
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