Hi everyone, I am  trying to create worldwide social platform. which users can subscribe, list item for sell, buy product and advertise. I want payment for all this to be base on user's country currency . If my user is in the US, they pay $19/month; if in China, they pay some other rate. So, I am thinking I could detect the user's location,
Then system will auto assign the location or country  to their profile, and from their location, System can detect their currency (via a location to currency map table in my database). then system will auto assign it and all payment will be displayed in their currency.
Also with this, i think user should be able to post item for sale in their currency,
buy store product in their currency.
Pay for ads or feature in their currency.
Search for classified item in their selected currency
Else if system cannot auto do this, Maybe there is a way for them to select their billing currency in profile and all product and listing will be based on their selected currency
and they can
buy store product in the selected currency.
Pay for ads or feature in the selected currency.
Search for classified item in the selected currency.
Olabige Michael Basic on 05/23/20 at 10:32 in mooSocial features
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