New User Signup & Admin Notifications

Hi all,
On Admin panel System Settings/Features/Registration Notification is selected and 2-3 weeks ago admins can get new user notification mails but 2-3 week it is not working. I try unclick - save  -click - save but nothing changed.
Any idea?
Bonuskg Basic on 07/08/20 at 08:30 in mooSocial features
4 Answer(s)
Site email and sender email was diffent I update it and problem solved
Bonuskg Basic on 07/10/20 at 03:26
System will send email to the email that you configured at system setting section in admin panel, see
Mark Gold badges on 07/09/20 at 20:46
we can send mail , it is ok.
Bonuskg Basic on 07/09/20 at 04:34
Please check your email setting to make sure that email can be sent from your site.
Check your spam folder also to see email is there or not
Mark Gold badges on 07/08/20 at 21:14
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