File size limit

I updated file size limit on admin panel but nothing changed?
do u have idea?
Bonuskg Basic on 02/08/21 at 12:36 in mooSocial features

Flesh Basic

to edit the limit it is necessary to access cpanel , MultiPHP INI Editor from here the load limit will be set <br>
you must first increase the upload limit on the server after which you can adjust from the admin panel
on 03/03/21 at 16:41 Edited
1 Answer(s)
Is there anyone who can help me?
Bonuskg Basic on 03/03/21 at 13:06
Have you been able to resolve issue?
on 03/19/21 at 00:37

Bonuskg Basic

unfortunately not solved
on 03/20/21 at 10:19

Bonuskg Basic

Problem was max upload filesize parameter in php.ini, issue is solved
on 03/22/21 at 04:22
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