Urgent: Help with chat please

hey guys my im having an issue with my chat
the chat is says chat disconnected
i followed the directions seen here
unfortunately after i go to terminal and type pkill node nothing happen and the chat doesnt return
can some one please help
Michael Zoldan Basic on 03/30/21 at 09:23 in mooSocial plugins

Flesh Basic

You can re-start it via Terminal in cpanel.<br>
1) cd public_html/lib/MooNodeJsServer/<br>
2) pm2 start mooServer.js
3) pm2 stop ChatApp.js
4) pm2 restart mooServer.js
on 02/10/22 at 00:38 Edited
1 Answer(s)
please submit a ticket.
Mark Gold badges on 03/31/21 at 00:01
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