ads is not displayed on browser (ie, chrome,opera)

Hi all,
I created a new ads, it can be seen on mobile app but on browser version it can not displayed and look like below.
I restarted services but it is still same, do u have any solution, idea?



Bonuskg Basic on 05/21/21 at 05:46 in mooSocial features
1 Answer(s)
You created a newsfeed type ad? on mobile web and app, only the ad at newsfeed will appear, the ads at header, footer, left/right column will not appear on mobile. On app, i suggest you should integrate with admob. We do provide that service, you can purchase at
If you're developer, you can enable admob by yourself by following the documents below:
Mark Gold badges on 05/30/21 at 23:26
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