Forums and moosocial 3.1.4

I have 2 questions about the forums plugin..
Running Moosocial 3.1.4 and the most current forums plugin.
1. Plugin installed just fine, however,  I am unable to "Add New Forum Category" 
The "Add New Forum Category" button opens the entry page.  I'm able to upload a icon but the save button does nothing.
Do I have a permission error somewhere that needs to be changed after plugin is installed?
Went through the server logs and pressing the "Save" button throws a 500 Server Error but it doesn't log where the error is..
Can you help us find where the problem is.
Thanks ahead of time.
Daniel Fielden Basic on 07/06/21 at 11:00 Edited in mooSocial plugins
1 Answer(s)
Found the problem..  It was a permissions issue..
/app/webroot/uploads/forum needed to be 774 to work.
Daniel Fielden Basic on 07/07/21 at 21:41
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