Setting the "wget -qO- '<domainname>/livenews/cron/get_data'" to hourly


I am not sure if this is possible, but is there a way to modify the ChronJob instruction (as in the subject line above) to make it update the news feed more frequently than once per day? I was thinking perhaps updating every six or twelve hours to keep content really fresh.

If not, it's not a problem, but it seemed that there would not be a huge processing overhead to update much more often than just once per day - especially as we call it "Live News".

If it *can* be done, does anyone know what the modified command would be please?

My second question is - how and where (what directory) do I run this wget -q0 command please?

I love the Live News feature - I think it adds instant interest and credibility to a site when it carries news feeds from respected sources, I am just a little out of my depth with sorting out the chron job. Too many decades since I last did one!

Many thanks.
Guy Tibbert Basic on 01/03/22 at 20:04 in mooSocial plugins
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For every six hours , I will setup like bellow :  
57 1,7,13,19 * * * wget -qO-  ''  
By the way , you need to double check that you can run wget on your server and get the result similar to the image :
Duy Duy (mooTechnicalTeam) Basic on 01/04/22 at 22:38
Thank you. At the moment, it seems that Live News is causing some issues with PHP so not sure if we can use it anyway as the Hosting company are unhappy to downgrade to an old version of PHP for security reasons, and it seems the new version causes a memory issue.

The Live News feed has been removed from the Home page, I think by Mark, so will wait to see if I can use it at all now, before going any further. Hope so as it seems a good way to make the site look "busier" and more useful.
on 01/05/22 at 05:06
Awesome, thank you.

The Server is running Ubuntu so I think the following is what I need to update the feed every six hours (Decided 6 hourly was a sensible compromise)

10 */6 * * * wget -qO- ''"

I might still ask support for help to add it - but it would be helpful to know if I have figured out the right command, that way i can at least ask them specifically what I would like them to do for me.

Thank you for your guidance,

Guy Tibbert Basic on 01/04/22 at 08:11

You need to have basic knowledge of linux server to do it . Basically , you can run wget command  minutely/hourly/daily/weekly by using a crontab(cron table) file . For more information , you can learn it here : . 


Base on your Linux server system ( ubuntu/centos or debian …) , you will have the different way to setup it . So , I suggest you need to determine what your Linux server distribution via  comandline then goolge  the guide for it  .Example , we can setup it by following the guide on ubuntu( or centos 8 ( 


In case you are confused about it , you can create a support ticket and we can help you setup it.

Duy Duy (mooTechnicalTeam) Basic on 01/04/22 at 01:55
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