Where are reaction images stored please?

I quite like the Reaction icons but as they are so large (44K compressed over 170K uncompressed) to send an icon a few pixels in size, I would like to replace them with simple static images (similar to facebook).

At the moment, if I hard refresh a screen, not only does the screen briefly change to default colours, icons sometimes display MASSIVELY on the screen, which looks odd and also wastes a lot of bandwidth.

I am hoping that just changing the icons to little images about 16 x 16 pixels should solve the bandwidth issue and also stop the image displaying at super-size (please see image below)

After a couple of seconds, the screen corrects itself, but I would really like to reduce the size of the Reaction Icons to 1K or less to minimise bandwidth issues and also to improve speed where broadband might not be available.

Is there any issue I need to be aware of before replacing the existing Reaction Icons with 16x16 icons please - other than possibly how they display in "dark mode"?

Thank you.


Guy Tibbert Basic on 01/23/22 at 19:28 Edited in mooSocial features
3 Answer(s)
Do you need transparent GIF or is transparent PCX ok please?

48 x 48 PCX is about 1K
Guy Tibbert Basic on 01/24/22 at 17:54
Awesome, thank you. I will work on that in the morning.
Guy Tibbert Basic on 01/23/22 at 23:28
I think it's the best of you send us the icons, we will check and help you change that with small fee. 
Mark Gold badges on 01/23/22 at 23:20
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