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I have the Ratings & Review enabled, I have the widget added to the left column of the Home Page (please see photo) but although the plugin is enabled AND the widget is enabled AND also enabled for various user levels, the ability to see / leave a rating never shows up. I can see how it should look by seeing it on the MOOSOCIAL site - but unless I have just used the wrong widget (the only one I could see was called Review and Ratings), I am unsure what I have done wrong.

I have tried logging in at different user levels but cannot work out what I have done wrong. I have flushed the caches in case that made a difference but it didn't.

I don't want to pester admin if I have missed something obvious but I cannot see what else I need to enable / tick / check.

Is there a less obvious setting I need to select as well please - or any other ideas as to what I might have got wrong?

Many thanks

Guy Tibbert Basic on 05/12/22 at 06:32 in mooSocial plugins
Hello Guy Tibbert
question: you say you have ratings and review plugin enabled for various user levels.

I have user types, regular, business, site staff and others.
Could i set ratings and review plugin just for Business and other types but not set for regular ?

Many thanks
on 05/22/22 at 11:38
Apologies for long delay, only just spotted this. I think the short answer is "Yes" - I am thinking of allowing users to be able to have it or not - BUT to make it mandatory for businesses so people can see how well they perform.

Would be happy to discuss other thoughts / ideas etc as it is a VERY powerful system overall but it does take quite a while to learn some of the tips / tricks / features / quirks and so on.
on 06/13/22 at 17:28
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You should put into profile page instead of home page. It only works at profile because when you put there, system knows that who you're writing a review for. 
Mark Gold badges on 05/12/22 at 21:16
Awesome, that worked, thank you
on 05/13/22 at 07:57 Edited
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