Manage Membership - where do users find it?

I am doing something silly here - sorry - would appreciate help please.

I am doing final tests before launching as almost all issues are now resolved (bar errors with photo uploads) however although the "Enable Subscription" option is on, I cannot see where a user can upgrade in the future. They can choose a package when they first sign up - but I am not able to see how they could upgrade later. I have checked the "more" menu and also the profile but cannot see where this option would appear.

I was looking for a "Manage Membership" link somewhere but I cannot find it!

Can someone tell me please - how a regular use that wanted to change to a different subscription level could do so?

Many thanks - and I am sure I have seen this before - so apologies for being thick!

Guy Tibbert Basic on 07/10/22 at 22:20 in mooSocial features
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