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Is there a way for the admin user to receive an email when a new user signs up? 
I thought that this would be a pretty basic feature that would be included but I am not getting an email when a user signs up. 

It's really creating a problem since a new user needs to be approved by the admin before they can use the full site. Without some kind of email notification they could end up waiting several days before someone noticing that a new user signed up for the site. 
BRIAN SUPPLE Basic on 11/15/16 at 16:59 in mooSocial features
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In the admin.. under sytem settings > Features... did you check 'Registration Notification' ?
ketkew Bronze badges on 11/15/16 at 17:04

Mark Gold badges

thank you.
on 11/15/16 at 20:30
Thanks ketkew,

Yes, If you would like to get email notification when a user signup to your site please go to admincp/System Settings/Features and tick "Registration Notification" option. After ticked, it will send email to site email (setup on admincp/System Settings/General/Site Email ).

on 11/15/16 at 21:03
Willie Frazier Basic on 11/15/16 at 20:59
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