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Hello guys,
I have this concern about the domain link customization.
If I have user his name Alex, I want his name to be in the domain link when I click in his profile. So all Alex activities will be under his name like

Is there anyway to enable this customization?
Thanks in advance,
zam Basic on 01/12/17 at 10:31 in mooSocial features
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No customization needed.
Just activate in the admin that users are able to choose/change their username.
And if a user did choose a name in their profile.. it will be available as
for example... click my name.. and see what happens ;)
ketkew Bronze badges on 01/12/17 at 14:58 Edited
Hi Ketkew,
I did choose my username
I am thinking about
say that if user add a video, I want the link of this video to be 
How can I add the "/-username " in the link?
zam Basic on 01/13/17 at 03:05 Edited
and did you set a username in your profile? 
ketkew Bronze badges on 01/12/17 at 17:22
Hi KetKew
I check it now It is active. 
I went to: System Admin > System Settings > Features > 
These are the old sittings. But I still have www.Yourwebsite/users/
zam Basic on 01/12/17 at 17:04
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