Main feed on home page does not work as expected

We've tested this on multiple accounts. But unfortunately all we can see is friend's post or my post on home feed. Eventhough Default Home Feed is set to Everyone.
JM Basic on 02/17/17 at 00:33 in Other
What is the version are you using? Is "Enable Activities Feed Selection" enabled? Did you see the "Everyone" tab on what's new highlighted?
on 02/17/17 at 01:54
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Thanks Guys. Got this solved! :)
JM Basic on 02/25/17 at 05:00
Did you have "Follow function" enabled. In v2.5.x, when you have follow function enabled, Newsfeed for everyone will become newsfeed for Friends, me and followed. Because of that, it will be closed and cannot be viewed by guests.
Ryan Nguyen Basic on 02/20/17 at 20:35
Running 2.5.1 with "Enable Activities Feed Selection" enabled.
Indeed disabling follow function has fixed this.
Nikos Kakagiannis Basic on 02/18/17 at 14:26
"Default Home Feed" setting is only applied for new sign up and when "Enable Activities Feed Selection" is disabled. If users have the option to change Activity Feed Selection (Everyone, Friends & Me) then their selection will be remembered the next time they login.
on 02/20/17 at 02:02
Yes all things are enabled and set to everyone. But by disabling follow function, the Main Feed works as expected now. Is that how it works really?
JM Basic on 02/17/17 at 03:20
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