How can I define what is shown on the feed

I would like to define the mix of information that is shown on the user's feed ... factor are member status, premium content age of the post and more. How is this handled now and how can I tweak it for our purpose?

Lothar Julius Moltgen Basic on 02/18/17 at 09:09 in mooSocial features
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Somewhere on here I saw about 6 months ago some posted steps to edits a file that would stop groups post from showing up on the main feed and it worked for me but I cannot find that post again so whoever posted that it worked well until my upgrade then I lost it and I cannot find your post again if you (whoever you were ) you see this can you post or message me those steps again
Robert Basic on 11/19/17 at 10:38
Thank you - I would really like to have more control over what is shown on top, what the mix of the feed is (maybe 3 group activities vs. 1 friend activity) and how often the feed is updated and whether it is updated automatically. :-)
Lothar Julius Moltgen Basic on 02/20/17 at 05:34
Without tweaking the core it is only possible to set some settings via the Admin > System Settings > Feed Activity Properties.
ketkew Bronze badges on 02/18/17 at 09:31
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